Our Mission is simple. We want to be different than every other dealer fighting for a share in the market.

We want to provide our customers with a vehicle shopping experience like no other. This experience will serve as the foundation for a relationship that will span multiple vehicle purchases and generations of repeat and referral customers who deserve the same great experience.  If the below FAQ does not answer your questions, feel free to contact us or stop in, we look forward to working with you.

1.   Why should I finance at Clock Tower Auto Mall?

  1. Convenient-You do not have to drive all over town to finalize your vehicle purchase.
  2. Competitive-Many of our lenders will actually bid for your business.
  3. Savings-Often times we are able to obtain financing terms that your own lender can’t match.
  4. Budget-With extended terms and aggressive interest rates, it is possible to have a significantly lower monthly payment with our financing.
  5. Security-You can keep your line of credit open and available with your personal bank.

2.  How does financing with Clock Tower Auto Mall work?

You simply submit a credit application Click Here, and your loan request is submitted to lenders. Upon approval, you pick the financing terms that you like best.

3.  What if I already have a pre-approved auto loan with an existing bank?

Let us know who the lender is. There is a very high probability that you can complete the loan here and save yourself a whole lot of time. We are approved agents for many of the local banks.

4.  Who will see my personal information?

First and foremost, we take confidentiality and security very serious. When you click the Submit Button, your information is encrypted and sent directly to us. From there, your information will be processed by one of the two Owners of the dealership. Even your sales person does not have access to your credit file. Your information will never be shared with anyone other than for the direct purpose of obtaining a loan at your request.

5.  Can I submit a credit application over the phone?

No. There are ways that we can streamline the process, but we will not accept a credit application that is not signed electronically or by your hand. Call for details!

6.  What if I have Bad Credit?

First off, the word “bad credit” is not a term that is used here. You may hear the term “No Credit”, but you will not hear the term “Bad Credit”. This is not an establishment that judges our customers. Different lenders specialize in different segments of the Auto Loan Industry. Your idea of “bad” may be viewed as ideal or perfect to a given lender.

7.  What if I'm concerned about what you may find on my credit report?

At Clock Tower Auto Mall, we are committed to helping you find the best financing in order to purchase the vehicle you want. We don't make judgements - we are here to help you!

8.  What if I still owe money on my trade in?

This is very common. Your trade in does not have to be paid off.

9.  Can I borrow additional money to cover the cost of Taxes and License?

Yes. We are seeing more of our customers that would rather keep this money in their savings account.

10.  Other dealerships have told me that I am required to purchase an Extended Warranty or Gap Insurance in order to obtain financing. Will you require me to do this?

No. Under no circumstances is an Extended Warranty or Gap Insurance a condition of the Financing Approval process. These products are 100% optional, and in no way will effect the approval of your loan. These are good products which we offer, but every vehicle purchase is different. We actually recommend that many of our customers do not purchase these products depending upon their specific situation.

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